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Earl du Porter

A coming of age novel

Earl du Porter
Lea Park

A hot Texan summer with the boy scouts (and the girl scouts)

Earl du Porter
The Kids are United

Football-themed stories for younger readers (8-10 years)

Earl du Porter
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Two novels, some big ideas, and a few collected short stories. Available in print, ebook, online

Leila cover

Children's Novel

Get drawn in to the complex world of Leila and her issues. How will she turn out?

Lea Park
A Texan summer

A summer with the boy scouts in West Texas turns mysterious, when the girls turn up!

Children's Short Story

A short quest featuring some well-known characters from children's literature.

The Kids are United
Online football stories

Explore the mysterious world of a kids' football team - from conception to victory!

Short Stories
Children's Short Stories

Shorter (and earlier) one or two chapter stories. A Halloween story!

Web Development
Modern responsive websites

I also develop websites - like this one. Specialise in complex membership interactive sites.


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About Me

I am a teacher, former University lecturer, and management consultant.

I have always loved writing stories - for myself, for my own children, and now - for you!

Please do get in touch if you would like to ask any questions.  My two novels (Leila and Lea Park) are available here, and Leila is on sale in the usual channels. Use the contact form or social media to say hi.

Thanks for dropping by!


p.s. I also develop websites like this one.  I specialise in membership sites, with large numbers of users who need security and different levels of access to different things.

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